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Time for a Great Commercial: Tarzan and Directions!

I want to meet the writers of the Geico commercials one day!  These guys are hilarious!  “If you’re a couple, you argue over directions.  That’s what you do!”  Ne’er were truer words spoken.

GPS has essentially eliminated such arguing in the Dixon household.  I just listen to that lady in my phone and do what she tells me to do.  Without GPS, I’d be sunk.  I have always been awful in knowing which way to turn.  Inevitably (if I’m not using GPS), I come to a stop sign and have to decideScreenshot 2016-02-13 06.16.28 “Do I turn left . . . or right?”  I am almost always WRONG!  So my wife says, “Whatever direction is the first to enter your mind, do the opposite.”

That sounds like good advice.  There’s one small problem.  I’M OLD — AND I FORGET WHICH DIRECTION I THOUGHT OF FIRST!”  That “do the opposite of what you thought of first!” only works with younger people.

Where’s Tarzan when you need him?

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