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A Great Church Sign — Something to Think about!

I’m a big believer in good, catchy church signs. Not the signs themselves, but the sayings chosen to post on them.

There’s a church not far from us (not the one pictured above) that once had a sign saying, “If the King James Bible is not good enough for you, keep on driving!” Wow.

Does your church have someone creative who is putting up good sayings? Not just Bible verses, but short statements that cause people to think?  Feel free to give an example of a catchy one below!

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Posted by on February 22, 2019 in church signs


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Time for a Warning about TEXTING! (And a whole lot more)

What’s a greater danger than texting when driving?

Living one moment of this life without Jesus Christ!  If the gospel is true, then death ends all opportunities to be saved.  And when death comes — through distracted driving or distracted living — there are no second chances.

I’m all for warnings about texting.  But what about ETERNITY?

I like the slogan at the end of the commercial:  “Put it down.  Save your life!”  May I suggest a slogan for the spiritual life about the Bible, God’s Word?


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