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Jonah: Belief Contradicted by Behavior (Part 32)

Can you imagine getting mad at God for forgiving someone else?!  What about the rape victim who learns that her rapist trusts Jesus in prison and is now a brother in the faith?  What about a terrorist on death row who realizes that Islam isn’t the truth of God, hears the gospel, and repents of his actions that led to the death of hundreds?  What about your snarky neighbor who’s always borrowing your tools but never returning them?  (This last one does seem a bit silly, doesn’t it?)

But we struggle with God’s forgiving others, don’t we?  Especially if they have offended us.

Jonah 4 begins with Jonah’s throwing a temper tantrum over God’s withholding judgment from the Ninevites.  Thomas John Carlisle summarizes Jonah’s attitude in his poem entitled “Tantrum”:





(to be continued)

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