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With Friends Like These . . . Job’s Friends and Religious Foolishness (A Few Notes on Unit-Reading)

Friends: I just unit-read the book of Job and it took just a little bit over an hour. Here are a few notes that I took as I read. I would be very interested in seeing any notes that you’ve made as you’ve unit-read the entire book!

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Ten Habits That Are Helping Me in My Christian Life (Habit #1)

The Christian walk isn’t easy, is it?  There are temptations all around to settle for less than an energetic, focused, committed, joyful pursuit of the Lord and the things of the Lord.  Spiritual lethargy and status quo living are the default for many who are, nevertheless, genuinely saved.

What holy habits ought to mark the serious believer?  Let me tackle this subject from a personal point of view.  These practices are helping me to stay enthused about the Word of God and eager to put into practice what He is teaching me.

The first practice, for me, is a daily time in the Word.  This, of course, shouldn’t surprise anyone, but I need His Word as much as I need my next lungful of air.  After our house fire in 2003, Linda and I both felt that His Word needed to have a much more significant role in our lives.  We now consider the Word of God our spiritual oxygen.

So many of us live off second-hand sermons and Bible studies done by others,  Don’t get me wrong.  I believe we need authoritative teaching of the Word of God that comes from His messengers.  But where am I getting into the Word of God, the BIble, for myself?

I’m a big believer in what is called unit-reading.  Unit-reading a book of the Bible means reading it through in one sitting!  Really!  Not all of the 66 books of the Bible should be read that way, but most can.  And should.  I’ve done that on my blog as you can see if you go to:

We’re so fortunate to have the Bible in so many formats.  My wife uses the Two-Year Bible.  I’ve used the One-Year Bible for years.  I think someone should produce a One-Week Bible!  You’ve got one week to read the entire Word of God!  Wow.  That would be a test.

May I ask you, my friend, how’s your Bible reading?  A daily time in the Word is a holy habit you will not regret developing!

Scripture:  Jeremiah 15:16- “When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, Lord God Almighty.”




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The Joy of Unit-Reading #64 (the Book of Jeremiah)

Wow!   What a tough — and long — book!  It took me over 2 1/2 hours to read through Jeremiah.  And I’ll be the first to admit it — I needed a couple of breaks.  Here are my notes below.  If you click on them, you can make them larger.


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The Joy of Unit-Reading #63 (the Book of Proverbs)

Wow!  The book of Proverbs is AMAZING!  I want to make a couple of comments — and then provide my notes on the book at the end. (If you click on the notes box, you can read it better).

(1) There is much said about raising one’s children.

(2)  There are numerous warnings about the adulterous woman.

(3)  There is much here about listening to rebuke and accepting discipline.

(4)  There is much here about the use of the tongue!

What do you find in this marvelous book?



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The Joy of Unit-Reading #61 (the book of Philemon)


We are almost done unit-reading the books of the Bible. Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 5.38.39 AMUnit-reading is reading straight through a book at one sitting. I’ve been mostly successful so far. Some books are easier than others to unit-read. Philemon, for example. But I’m looking forward to a couple of hours to go through Isaiah, then a couple of hours to go through Jeremiah, etc! Here are my notes on this short epistle to Philemon:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 5.32.18 AM

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The Joy of Unit-Reading #60 (the Book of Acts)

What an amazing book the book of Acts is! We are continuing our unit-reading of all the books of the Bible (with the exception of the book of the Psalms). There is so much here! I deeply miss my colleague and friend, Dr. William Larkin, who was an expert on the book of Acts.

A couple of takeaways for me:
1. There is much in the book of Acts about the Holy Spirit.
2. Salvation is described in a variety of ways in this book: being set free from every sin; being appointed to eternal life; those who by grace had believed.
3. God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility are held in tension throughout this book.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 6.10.48 AM


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The Joy of Unit-Reading #59 (the Book of Nehemiah)

We are making great headway in our quest to unit-read 65 (of the 66) books of the Bible. Unit-reading is reading a book through at one sitting. Today’s book, Nehemiah, issues some needed challenges to my heart. My notes follow, but here are a couple of takeaways for me:
1. I seldom take life and its challenges seriously enough to mourn, fast, and pray. How about you?
2. Do I hide my sadness of heart from unbelievers? Why?
3. Is my heart open for the Lord to “put” something in it for His glory?
4. There is a place for imprecatory prayer (4:4-5).
5. If “the joy of the Lord” is not my strength, I’m in big trouble!

Your comments?

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The Joy of Unit-Reading #58 (the Gospel of Matthew)

What an amazing gospel the Gospel of Matthew is! Here are a couple of takeaways for me (my notes are at the end):
1. Dreams are prominent in this gospel.
2. The teachings of Jesus are immensely practical!
3. Hell/eternal lostness is mentioned several times in this gospel.
4. Jesus’ top priority is not to not offend the Pharisees!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 8.02.30 AM

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The Joy of Unit-Reading #57 (the Old Testament Book of Ezra)

There is so much in the OT that I need to learn! What an encouraging book Ezra is. A couple of challenges jump out at me (see my fuller notes below):
1. The Lord wants to move our hearts to do His will (1:1, 5).
2. He believes in young leaders (3:8).
3. God cares about our joy — especially, in Him! (6:16).
4. We are to study, observe, and teach God’s decrees and laws (7:9ff).
5. I want the gracious hand of the Lord to be upon me. How about you? (ch. 8).

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 6.21.29 PM


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The Joy of Unit-Reading #56 (the Gospel of Luke)

We’re continuing with our unit-reading, and today’s book is the Gospel of Luke. (my notes are below). This book took several efforts to get through.

A couple of issues leap out to me in this third gospel:
(1)  There is much in Luke about God the Holy Spirit!
(2) Jesus did not consult a calendar when He healed people.  It seems He purposely did so on the Sabbath!
(3)  There are several references to life after death (beyond the story of the rich man and Lazarus in ch. 16).

I don’t know about you — but I don’t want to lose my saltiness (14:34)!

Question:  How can you be salty for Jesus today?

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