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“Iron Sharpens Iron” Conference – May 27-29, 2021

Friends: Linda and I are looking forward to this year’s “Iron Sharpens Iron” Conference at Emmaus Bible College. My wife will be presenting a workshop on mentoring younger women. I get to present two workshops: One will be on John Nelson Darby’s doctrine of the Holy Spirit (he was a key leader in the Plymouth Brethren movement).

My second topic will be on my little book Unlike Jesus: Let’s Stop Unfriending the World. Here’s the insert which will be given out in the session along with a copy of my book:


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A Challenge to LISTEN! (another shameless plug for my “Unlike Jesus”)


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How to Reach GOOD People! (another shameless plug for “Unlike Jesus”)


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What about Those INTERRUPTIONS? (another shameless plug for “Unlike Jesus”)


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How to Handle IRRITATIONS! (another shameless plug for “Unlike Jesus”)

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My New Book Is Out! UNLIKE JESUS!

Friends: I am so thankful to the Lord for letting me write this new book, Unlike Jesus: Let’s Stop Unfriending the World. The publisher is Energion and their website is here.

The primary point of Unlike Jesus is that we are not like the Lord in being a friend of sinners. We’re sometimes friends with other Christians. And we try to be friends with ourselves [I’m reminded of Erma Bombeck who said that she “read the book How to Be Your Own Best Friend, went out and gained twenty pounds, and haven’t trusted myself since!”]. But most of us deserve a C- for not being a friend of sinners.

Unlike Jesus makes the case that Jesus models for us a life of connection — relationships — with those who don’t know the Lord. This book dismantles the five excuses we often give for not being a friend of sinners and provides practical advice about how we can change our mindset and be more like the Lord.

It would be my privilege to send you a copy (just send a check for $10 to me) (includes shipping). You can also order this by sending the $10 to our PayPal account ( It is also available on Amazon here.

We Christians desperately need to break away from listening to only Christian music, reading only Christian books, and eating only Christian casseroles. Unlike Jesus will help you break that unfriendly cycle.

This year I will be conducting weekend and half-day Saturday seminars on this topic. If you or your church wants to consider inviting me, please use my contact information found on the right sidebar. And pray that the Lord will use this book to help us Christians get out more — and be more like the Lord Jesus!

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