Some Challenges from Colossians! (Part 3)

We’re doing a quick chapter survey of the epistle to the Colossians. We’ve looked briefly at chapters one and two.

This morning let’s take a couple of notes on chapter three.

Twice we are told to “set [our] minds” in chapter three (vv. 1-2). We are then commanded to execute, put to death, the sins which belong to our earthly nature (v. 5). We are to “rid” ourselves of such things as anger, rage, malice, etc. (vv. 8ff).

We are then told to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, etc., and to bear with and forgive one another (vv. 12-14).

We are to let Christ’s peace rule in our hearts, to be thankful, to admonish one another, and to do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus (vv. 15-17).

Specific instructions are given to wives, husbands, children, fathers, and slaves (vv. 18-25).

Wow! God’s Word is as specific as what I think, how I treat others, how I look at everything I do!

Anything here you need to work on?


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Some Challenges from Colossians! (Part 2)

In our study of the epistle to the Colossians, we take a quick look at chapter two this morning.

The concept of fullness comes up again in this second chapter. As he “contends” for the Colossians and for those at Laodicean, he wants them to “have the full riches of complete understanding . . .” (v. 2).

Paul continues, “For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness” (vv. 9-10).

We should seek the full riches of complete understanding in our fully divine Savior that we might be brought to fullness! Pursuing fullness today? In Him?

(By the way, Who does the nailing in v. 14?)

A Prayer for Fullness:  “Lord of Fullness, please forgive my satisfaction with my emptiness and my shallowness in spiritual things.  Give me a hunger and a thirst, Father, for a deeper walk with Your fully divine Son.  And with that fullness, give me a contentment that can only be found in Him.  Help me, Lord, to pray for that kind of fullness for those other than myself!  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.”


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Some Challenges from Colossians! (Part 1)

I’ve always wanted to study the book of Colossians a bit in-depth. And now’s my chance! Let me begin our study by making some basic observations on the book as a whole. To do that, I need to unit-read Colossians (= reading it straight through at one sitting). That’s not hard to do. The book is only four chapters’ long.

I want to pick out one theme that I see in each chapter. Today the theme is fulness from chapter one. Note the use of the term “fulness” or “full.” We see that word used five times in chapter one. In verse 9, Paul prays that God would “fill you with the knowledge of his will . . .” In verse 19, we read that God “was pleased to have all his fulness dwell in [the Lord Jesus].” In verse 24,we have the strange statement by Paul that in his sufferings he is able to “fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions”! In verse 25, he speaks of his commission to “present to you the word of God in its fulness . . .” And in verse 28, the Apostle refers to the Lord Jesus as “the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.”

Feeling a bit empty today?  Focus on the fulness you have in Christ! (to be continued)

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Some of My Favorite Quotes: J.I. Packer on the Worship of God!

“If it is right for man to have the glory of God as his goal, can it be wrong for God to aim at the same goal? If man can have no higher end and motive than God’s glory, how can God? And if it is wrong for man to seek a lesser end than this, then it would be wrong for God too. The reason why it cannot be right for man to live for himself, as if he were God, is simply the fact that he is not God; and the reason why it cannot be wrong for God to seek His own glory is simply the fact that He is God. Those who would not have God seek His glory in all things are really asking that He should cease to be God. And there is no greater blasphemy than to will God out of existence.” (J.I. Packer in The Plan of God found at

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Some of My Favorite Quotes: The Gospel as Proclamation

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Some of My Favorite Quotes: Greg Johnson on Dogmatism

In The World According to God, Greg Johnson writes: “Today it’s not unthinkable that an Evangelical scholar might say something like this: ‘For me personally, from my limited perspective, I think it would appear to me, if I’m not mistaken about this, that there’s one primary Savior in the Bible, at least according to my faith tradition, within my circle of meaning, assuming a pre-modern metanarrative in a faith-based discourse, as we tend to do, I think.’”

Johnson responds: “WEASEL! There’s a difference between being aware of your limitations and being a coward. We used to say, ‘Jesus is the only Savior.’ It’s a clear, concise statement, powerful in its simplicity. Besides, GOD says so!”

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A Ministry Update! Preaching and Teaching and Editing, O My!

The Lord is so good! He is keeping me busy during my early days of retirement. After I was downsized from my teaching position at CIU, He provided a fourteen-month position as preaching pastor at Crossroads Fellowship Church in Augusta, Georgia.

After they called their next senior pastor, I began to wonder how the Lord would use me.  A church in New Jersey, Cedarcroft Bible Chapel, brought me up last week to do some ministry with them.  I preached both Sundays (New Year’s Eve and Jan. 7), gave an overview of the book of Acts for their mid-week Bible study, spoke at a men’s breakfast, surveyed I-III John for Sunday school, and consulted with the elders on a variety of subjects.  I’ll be finalizing a position paper on marriage, divorce, and remarriage for their consideration over the next month.

They’ve invited me to come back in April and I will speak on two consecutive Sundays (April 15 and 22), conduct two Sunday school classes, and lead a half-day seminar on preaching for area lay preachers.  I’ll use my Ten Specific Steps You Can Take to Make Your Sermons and Preaching Better! as well as a workbook for those men.

My larger projects are producing two online courses for Emmaus Bible College, editing a manuscript for a Scottish publisher, getting ready for my two messages for Biblical Eldership Resources in Rochester, NY, in March, and preparing for a three-week teaching ministry in Myanmar in August!  I’m not letting any moss grow under my feet!

I’m also open to conducting my “Theology Matters” conferences and have a brochure I would be glad to mail to you and your church for your consideration.

Again, I’m so grateful for the opportunities HE is giving me to serve Him.  Please lift me up in prayer, would you?


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