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The Joy of Unit-Reading #48 (the Book of Daniel)

How’s it going with your unit-reading?  This has been an exercise over the last few months to read at one sitting (= “unit-read”) all 65 of the 66 books of the Bible (the book of Psalms is not meant to be unit-read).  Today’s book is the Old Testament prophet Daniel.  Here are some of my notes:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 6.56.34 AM

There is much that I don’t understand about the 2nd half of Daniel’s book!  But here’s my one takeaway:

The true God refuses to share His glory with the “gods” of the nations!  He alone is supreme and worthy of my praise — and He honors His people when they repent and turn to Him.

My prayer for today:  “O God of Daniel, thank You for how You used him and the three Jewish young men to testify of Your greatness.  Help me to stand strong for You, regardless of circumstances!  And give me opportunities to ‘lead many to righteousness.’  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 7.05.21 AM

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Time for Some Great Pictures (cell phone)

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 7.01.43 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 7.01.34 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 7.01.25 AMWhat principles guide you in your use of your smart phone?

How do we keep such technology from ruining, rather than encouraging, relationships?

Your comments?

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The Joy of Unit-Reading #47 (the book of Judges)

“JUDGE NOT — LEST YE BE JUDGED!”  That’s an oft-quoted saying in our epidemically-tolerant culture.  Well, a whole book of the Bible is devoted to the judges!  Here are my notes from unit-reading this great Old Testament book:

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.48.33 AM

Some of the issues that impress me in the book of Judges:

1. Having the Lord “with” us means much more than He is omnipresent. It implies His support, encouragement, and help.
2. This must be an extremely difficult book for my pacifist friends. God uses the enemy nations to teach warfare to His people Israel.
3. The story in Judges 19 reminds us of the event in Sodom and Gomorrah, doesn’t it?
4. It is clear that the “angel of the Lord” is the Lord Himself!
5. God is a God of compassion — He could bear Israel’s misery no longer (10:16).

My takeaway: If Jesus is my King, I don’t need to live my life as I see fit, but can willingly submit to Him!

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Time for Some Great Quotes (G.K. Chesterton on Love and Christianity)

Screenshot 2016-01-24 16.13.40

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The Joy of Unit-Reading #46 (the book of Joshua)

We’re making great progress in unit-reading (reading at one sitting) 65 of the 66 books of the Bible (it doesn’t appear that the book of Psalms is meant to be unit-read).

Today our book is a book of battles and conquest — the book of Joshua. Here are my notes:

Screenshot 2016-03-28 07.12.23

One takeaway for me: One is either engaged in idolatry (worshiping gods that are poor substitutes for the real God) or is submitted to the Creator-God who acts on behalf of His people. Idolatry or reality — my choice. And yours!

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The Evil of Two Lessers (the American Presidential Race)

Hillary or Donald? Donald or Hillary? This presidential race Screenshot 2016-03-25 07.39.28really seems to be “the evil of two lessers,” doesn’t it?
Don’t get me wrong — I care deeply about who our next President will be. But I’m stuck with two candidates neither of whom inspires me. Neither models a strong family life. Neither holds the promise of a Chief Executive of whom I can be proud.

One frightens me and makes me feel that the terrorists of the world will need little provocation to unleash their ungodly, crazed suicide bombers on innocent American citizens. The other is awash in a history of Screenshot 2016-03-25 07.38.40integrity issues and may be indicted before the election. You see why I’m troubled.

However, the American republic is more than one person. Granted, that person can do great good or harm, and we should be on our knees praying for whoever gets elected. So we have every right to be concerned.

Several born-again believers tried to make a serious run for the White House — and have since dropped out. I admire and appreciate their efforts. So we are left with these Two.

The Christian’s hope is not in human government or Screenshot 2016-03-25 07.42.32earthly politics, but in the living God. This does not mean that we should be uncaring about the process or the conclusion of the race. But our hope, as Franklin Graham recently said, is not in the Democratic Party. And it is not in the Republican Party. It is in God. Would you join me on your knees and pray for our country?

A Prayer for the Presidential Race: “God of All Governments, we praise You that cynicism and negativity are not Your way, but rather hope and prayerful intercession for the country we love. Father, we need Your wisdom in our world and in our culture which seems to be running with utmost haste away from You and Your truth. Please give us believers Your joy and Your truth as we live in this world. Forgive our prayerlessness, Lord, and have mercy on our land. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”



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Time for a Great Quote: C.S. Lewis on Sin and Time

Screenshot 2016-02-01 19.48.43

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