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SING A LITTLE LOUDER! (A Critical Video)

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Time for a Great Quote: C.S. Lewis on Choices!

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Would you not agree with Lewis on this point of choices? You and I face hundreds of choices every day. Here’s my prayer:
“Lord, please guide me in making good and godly choices today — choices that reflect Your grace and advance my process in becoming more like Your Son. Keep me from blaming circumstances or other people for my poor decisions. I want You to be glorified in my life today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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The Joy of Unit-Reading #56 (the Gospel of Luke)

We’re continuing with our unit-reading, and today’s book is the Gospel of Luke. (my notes are below). This book took several efforts to get through.

A couple of issues leap out to me in this third gospel:
(1)  There is much in Luke about God the Holy Spirit!
(2) Jesus did not consult a calendar when He healed people.  It seems He purposely did so on the Sabbath!
(3)  There are several references to life after death (beyond the story of the rich man and Lazarus in ch. 16).

I don’t know about you — but I don’t want to lose my saltiness (14:34)!

Question:  How can you be salty for Jesus today?

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Time for a Great Quote: Tozer on the Christian Life

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Lazy Cat Descending Staircase! (Nuff said!)


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Time for a Great Quote: Tozer on Watering Down Christianity

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Wedding Mishap!



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