Ruminating on ROMANS! (Some Thoughts on Paul’s Great Epistle) #26 “Ten Questions on Romans 10” (A Study of Romans 10)

30 Jan

Many of you know that my New Jersey friend Frank and I are reading through God’s Word together (described here). We’re now in the book of Romans and are reading chapter 10 each day this week.

1. What is your heart’s desire when it comes to the salvation of others? (v. 1).

2. How do people today seek to establish their own righteousness? (v. 3).

3. What does it mean to “submit to God’s righteousness”? (v. 3).

4. What are the two kinds of righteousness, according to vv. 5-9?

5. What is this bringing Christ down concept? (v. 6).

6. What are the two steps that lead to salvation? (v. 9).

7. Define the terms “believe,” “justified,” and “saved” in v. 10.

8. What are the critical four steps concerning salvation in vv. 14-15?

9. How does the testimony of nature fit into Paul’s argument in this chapter? (v. 18).

10. How does God treat Israel in His program of redemption? (vv. 19-21).

What questions do you have as you read this chapter?

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