A Grateful Review of the Last Three Months . . . and a Preview!

21 Jun

Friends: Since retiring two years ago, I have often been reminded of the Lord’s goodness to me and my family. Let me briefly share some of the ways He has remained faithful during that time.

After being “downsized” at CIU after almost 20 years of teaching theology in the seminary, the Lord graciously provided a part-time preaching position for me at Crossroads Fellowship Church in Augusta, Georgia. What a delightful 14 months that was serving the Lord with the believers there!

When that position ended and Crossroads had found their next senior pastor, we thought I might be able to serve a church in the Columbia area in the same way (between pastors and needing a preacher on Sundays).  Instead, the Lord has kept me busy editing manuscripts for publishers, occasionally filling some church pulpits, designing and teaching two online courses, and speaking at several “Theology Matters” conferences.  Then the last three months happened!

In April I was one of four Americans who got to tour Palestine and learn about the Palestinian people and their struggles with the Israelis.  While I am definitely pro-Israel, that does not mean that I am anti-Arab, and I learned a lot during that week.  Detained by Israeli security forces at the Tel Aviv airport (because we had visited Palestinian refuge camps), we were forced to miss our flight back to the States and had to take an 11 pm flight back home.

I was scheduled to travel to New Jersey to work with the believers at Cedarcroft Bible Chapel and had to get off the overseas flight in Newark, buy some clothes at Good Will, so I could keep my appointment with the believers at the Chapel.

After those ten days, I finally returned home to Linda (not seeing her for 19 days) and prepared for my trip to Dubuque, Iowa, and Emmaus Bible College’s “Iron Sharpens Iron” conference.  During that conference May 18-21 I presented workshops on the topics:  “Courageous Preaching: The Spirit of God and Today’s Preacher,” “Five Certainties in the Light of Tragic Events,” and “Unlike Jesus: The Lost Art of Being a Friend of Sinners.”

I’ve just returned from my week of teaching the book of Galatians at the Word of Life Bible Institute on Jeju Island, South Korea!  What a great time that was.  But yours truly was one tired puppy after that 14 hour flight home!

I am so thankful for the Lord using me — and for your prayers for our family.  Our daughter Amy is expecting her fourth child any moment (our seventh grandchild) and they are hoping to relocate to Charleston, SC, soon.  In the next few months I’ll be busy with the following:  two weeks’ vacation in July in the mountains of NC; preaching in a Chinese church in Columbia (in English!); speaking six times at Dayspring Bible Camp, Ironton, Missouri, for a “Theology Matters” weekend; teaching for about a month in Yangoon, Myanmar (Burma) in August for South East Asia Bible College; and preaching at  Camp Elim in Colorado September 19-20 at their annual Heritage Retreat.  Whew!

Here are several prayer requests if you wish to lift us up before the Lord:

(1) For the Lord’s guidance as I prepare a bunch of sermons and lessons for my various speaking opportunities:

(2) For safety in traveling;

(3) For our daughter’s safe delivery of our fifth grandson;

(4) For Linda who will not be able to go with me to Myanmar in August.

Thank you, my friends!


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2 responses to “A Grateful Review of the Last Three Months . . . and a Preview!

  1. John

    June 23, 2018 at 11:58 am

    Sounds like you are busier than when you were employed at CIU! Will pray.

  2. Dr. Larry Dixon

    June 24, 2018 at 5:31 am

    Thank you, John, for your prayers. And thank you for reading my blog!


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