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Time for a Great Cartoon: Setting Up the Preaching Schedule!

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Brief Report on the BER Conference

This past weekend I was one of two speakers for a great organization, Biblical Eldership Resources (website:  I presented two messages on the power of the Holy Spirit in our preaching and they will be available on the BER website soon.  The sessions were simulcast to about 15 different sites.

If you prayed for me, thank you!  If not, that’s okay.  Today (when I’m writing this) I preach at Northgate Bible Chapel in Rochester, NY.  If God is outside of time, does He hear and respond to prayers retroactively?  I don’t know.  But I’m so grateful for the Lord letting me work with these godly men whose mission could not be more important:  raising up the next generation of church leaders and preachers!

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A Survey about Your Unsaved Friends!

Friends:  I’ll be in Rochester, NY, this coming weekend (March 23-25) for a simulcast with Biblical Eldership Resources.  I’ll give two messages on Saturday — the topic is “Faithful Preaching and the Power of the Spirit.”

On Sunday I’ll be speaking at Northgate Bible Chapel.  During the Sunday School hour I will be asking the following questions about our being a friend of sinners like the Lord Jesus was:

An Unsaved Friends’ Survey
Seven Questions about Your Unsaved Friends

1.  How many unsaved friends do you have?

2. What’s one danger of having unsaved friends?

3. What is one benefit of having unsaved friends?

4. What is one basic aspect of friendship that you might need to work on?

5. How are you praying for your unsaved friends?

6. How should the church fit into your efforts to reach your unsaved friends?

7. What’s one activity you could do with your unsaved friends if you chose to?

Your thoughts?

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A Great Quote from Vance Havner, NC Preacher! Preparing a Sermon!


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A Ministry Update! Preaching and Teaching and Editing, O My!

The Lord is so good! He is keeping me busy during my early days of retirement. After I was downsized from my teaching position at CIU, He provided a fourteen-month position as preaching pastor at Crossroads Fellowship Church in Augusta, Georgia.

After they called their next senior pastor, I began to wonder how the Lord would use me.  A church in New Jersey, Cedarcroft Bible Chapel, brought me up last week to do some ministry with them.  I preached both Sundays (New Year’s Eve and Jan. 7), gave an overview of the book of Acts for their mid-week Bible study, spoke at a men’s breakfast, surveyed I-III John for Sunday school, and consulted with the elders on a variety of subjects.  I’ll be finalizing a position paper on marriage, divorce, and remarriage for their consideration over the next month.

They’ve invited me to come back in April and I will speak on two consecutive Sundays (April 15 and 22), conduct two Sunday school classes, and lead a half-day seminar on preaching for area lay preachers.  I’ll use my Ten Specific Steps You Can Take to Make Your Sermons and Preaching Better! as well as a workbook for those men.

My larger projects are producing two online courses for Emmaus Bible College, editing a manuscript for a Scottish publisher, getting ready for my two messages for Biblical Eldership Resources in Rochester, NY, in March, and preparing for a three-week teaching ministry in Myanmar in August!  I’m not letting any moss grow under my feet!

I’m also open to conducting my “Theology Matters” conferences and have a brochure I would be glad to mail to you and your church for your consideration.

Again, I’m so grateful for the opportunities HE is giving me to serve Him.  Please lift me up in prayer, would you?


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Ministry Update — Sure Appreciate Your Prayers!

Some of you faithful readers might be interested in my ministry schedule for the next few months. The old word “covet” comes to mind. I’d sure covet your prayers for these upcoming opportunities:

Dec. 28 through Jan. 8
— Linda and I will be in NJ visiting her 91-year-old Mom. I’ll be preaching at Cedarcroft Bible Chapel on those two Sundays. I’m looking forward to working with their leadership over the next few months. I’ll meet with their leadership team on Tuesday Jan. 2 to discuss a position paper on Marriage and Divorce, lead a midweek Bible study on Acts on Wednesday, Jan. 3, speak at a men’s breakfast there on Jan. 6, teach a Sunday School class on I-III John on Sunday, Jan. 7, then preach that Sunday’s message! Please pray that we work well together during that week and for my next scheduled visit to them (April 15-22).

The New Year: I will be working on developing two online courses for Emmaus Bible College. They are both on areas of theology and I am looking forward to contributing to their program. Please pray for clarity and wisdom as I work on these.  I’m also quite excited to work with Biblical Eldership Resources in March and will be presenting two sermons on the preacher and the Holy Spirit!

Missions:  I’m looking forward to teaching at South East Asia Bible College and Seminary in Myanmar (Burma) in August.  We’ve not yet finalized the date.  Please pray for that wonderful opportunity for me to contribute to their ministry and the education of their students.  Their website is found at:

Writing:  My retirement is giving me time to work on several projects.  I’ve just finished my little booklet Ten Specific Steps You Can Take to Make Your Sermons and Preaching Better!  Send me a check for five bucks and I’ll get one right out to you.  Send me a note via snail mail telling me what you like about my blog and I’ll send you one for free!  Address: Dr. Larry Dixon, 117 Norse Way, Columbia, SC 29229

I’m working on other projects which I’ll probably inflict on (I mean share with) you in a later post.

Theology Matters Conferences:  I’ve developed a brochure on these weekend conferences.  Topics include “Unlike Jesus:  One Area Where Jesus-Followers Excel”; “Insight from a Blind Man: A Study of John 9”; “Friends Don’t Let Friends . . . Die!  A Study of John 11”; etc.  Drop me an email (with a post office address) if you want some brochures to pass on to your church’s leadership team.

Again, thank you for reading my blog.  May the Lord encourage you in your projects!


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The Spirit, the Preacher, and the Word (Part 12 conclusion)

One of the disciplines that is helpful to me as I approach a preaching or teaching assignment is to blog on that topic, if possible, months before that engagement. I’m thankful that the folks at Biblical Eldership Resources (website: have asked me to speak at their simulcast conference in Rochester, NY, on March 24th.

The topic given me is “Faithful Preaching and the Power of the Spirit.” This will be two parts and will be incorporated into the BER website’s curriculum.

Some questions that occur to me that I’ll need to work on include . . .

1. How is the Spirit’s work different for the preacher than it is for the “average” Christian?

2. How does one know when one is preaching in the Spirit’s power?

3. What constitutes powerful preaching? A strong voice? Enthusiastic gestures? A British accent?

4. Should a preacher be able to say post-sermon, “My, the Spirit was in that!” or “I think the Spirit stayed home on that message.”

5. What differences does the Spirit of God make in our preaching? He is the Unseen Teacher. What evidences ought there to be that He has been involved in the entire process from preparation to delivery?

6. The Holy Spirit’s “illumination” ministry — How does that relate to the preacher? To his hermeneutics? To his efforts to apply what he sees in the biblical text?

7. How does one preach “in the demonstration of the Spirit and of power” (I Cor. 2:4-5)?

8. If the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, when can I as a preacher be confident I am proclaiming the truth? Are there levels of confidence? What’s the place of being dogmatic in my declarations?

9. What’s the relationship between human skill (oratory ability, hermeneutical acumen, vocal effectiveness, illustrative wisdom, etc.) and the Spirit’s empowerment?

10. Other Scriptures to examine: I Corinthians 2 regarding human wisdom and the demonstration of the Spirit; texts where the Holy Spirit brings conviction of sin such as Acts 2; I Thessalonians 1:5 (“because our gospel came to you not simply with words but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and deep conviction. You know how we lived among you for your sake.”), etc.

Are there questions that you can think of which I ought to consider?  (I’ll let you know how my work progresses on this topic).


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