Time for a Great Cartoon! (writing)

09 Jan

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As many of you know, I enjoy writing. Here are some of the projects I have recently self-published:

“Living for Jesus in an Un-Christian World: A Study of Jude”

“Saved: Rescued from God, by God, and for God”

“Whatever Happened to Heresy?”

“Top Ten Mistakes Students Make on Research Papers — And How to Avoid Them”

“Working Out Your Own . . . Faith” (a series of workbooks in basic Bible doctrine)

Here are some books and articles that I am working on:

“Christianity Is Serious — But Christians Are Downright Hilarious!”

“Jesus Matters . . .”

“Dr. Theophilus Hornby: Theologian and Erstwhile Detective”

“What Did Jesus Believe?”

“Some Lessons from Some Lifers”

“One-Year DocDEVOS”

“All God’s Creatures Got Problems”

Working on anything yourself?  I would love to hear about any of your projects.




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